Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty

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Rural cooperative enterprises boost sustainable development

The International Day of Cooperatives 2014 highlights the contribution of cooperative enterprises to sustainable development – a goal supported by IFAD's work with farmers' organizations worldwide.

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Annual Report

IFAD's Annual Report 2013: A year's work in facts, figures and stories

The report gives a comprehensive overview of our operational, administrative and financial activities during 2013, together with complete financial statements. It also tells the stories of some of the people we've worked with – their challenges and their successes.

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2014 International Year of Family Farming: IFAD's commitment and call for action

The International Year of Family Farming recognizes the importance of family farming in reducing poverty, improving food security and achieving more sustainable approaches to agricultural and rural development.

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Viewpoint: The human face of development

As the gap between rich and poor continues to grow in developing countries, increasing investment in rural people is crucial if we are to eradicate hunger and poverty, explains IFAD's President.

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Spotlight on climate and environment: Near East and North Africa

Get a glimpse into the approaches supported by IFAD that address climate change in the Near East and North Africa region with up to date research, interactive maps, blogs and videos.

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Kenya's farm makeover show, Shamba Shape-Up, offers practical advice

With the latest series of Kenya's most watched agriculture TV show well under way, IFAD has been answering smallholder farmers' questions on issues ranging from cow care to climate-change adaption.

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Speeches and statements

Keynote address by IFAD President to the CGIAR Consortium: Family farming and research Keynote address by IFAD President to the IFPRI 2020 conference: Building resilience for food and nutrition security

Press releases

Evaluation shows IFAD-China partnership mutually beneficial IFAD President to meet head of state and ministers in Nicaragua: investment in agriculture on top of agenda Effective development in middle-income countries means closing the inequality gap, says IFAD President visiting Mexico this week

Job opportunities

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5th assembly of the Global Environment Facility

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83rd session of the Evaluation Committee View all events

Recent Video

A group of twenty young Fijian farmers dream of earning enough money to support their siblings. Their plan? To farm papaya organically and to access the premium price that the organic market pays. But they can only do this if their product is certified organic.